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Chris Edwards

Singer/songwriter Chris Edwards has honed his musical vision into one that blends the old-timey folk and string band country music that his grandparents played for him as a child with liberal doses of elements out of the rock 'n' roll textbook. Love, life and loss are touchstone subjects in his lyrics, and coupled with his catchy melodies and ragged-but-right vocals, the songs become characters themselves.

Through many of Edwards' lyrics, the portrait of a sensitive man ill-equipped to deal with many of life's changes comes through clearly. Having been around, and having seen life from a multitude of angles, his songs also chronicle many people outside of or on the margins of polite society, all delivered with his edgy vocals and unique acoustic guitar style. His solo (in the truest sense of the word) album "Long Hard Ride" was a lo-fi alt country/folk record that was first released in Europe and eventually got some play on internet radio stations for songs like ?Quandary Towns? and ?Flaxen Memories.? His newest album, The Winter Garden, is his first foray into commercial-grade studio sound and features the award-winning ?Highway Shoes? among its tracks. The album?s sound is a crossroads between a modern country-folk sound featuring songs with full band arrangements and songs with stripped-down old-timey stringband songs.

With such labels as ?soul-searching? and ?gifted performer? being applied to Edwards and his tunes, the East Texas-based songwriter simply replies with, ?Feels like I?m really just getting started with these musical adventures.?

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  Nacogdoches, TX

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