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Y2Steve. . . .We're just a couple of guys named "Steve" who play guitar. Steve Swanner and Steve Fitzner to be exact. We were the guitar duo in SETX rock band "Fantastic Enemy." We started out playing open mic nights at the Logon Cafe for fun. After combining great music, jams, really twisted humor and a ton of guest musicians people started asking us to play more often. Currently we play once a month at the Logon Cafe as part of the "Acoustic Jam." You can also catch us goofing off and playing on Wednesday nights at the Logon during Open Mic night. We play anything and everything. Rock, blues, folk, even a little motown. .Love of music and a sense of humor are the driving force behind what we do. We mix it up, turn it upside down and throw it back at you. .

w a t c h   v i d e o :


g e n r e :
  Rock & Blues Jams

h o m e b a s e :
  Beaumont, TX

a u d i o   s a m p l e s :
  1. Y2Steve - Back on The Train.mp3
  2. Y2Steve - Instrumental.mp3
  3. Y2Steve - Looking For a Chateau.mp3
  4. Y2Steve - Welcome To The Machine.mp3
  5. Y2Steve - Jam.mp3

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