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Rhett Butler

Guitarist puts heart, soul, both hands into his art

~ The Dallas Morning News - 1/5/02

Rhett Butler is the Obsessive-Compulsive Guitarist. In 1987 he received his first guitar for Christmas. As his primary antidote against the pain and fear that he felt through his brother's bouts with cancer, Rhett retreated into the instrument. What blossomed was a fiery work ethic that is reflected in his mastery of multiple styles and especially his passionate performances.

Rhett was admitted to the prestigious jazz program at the University of North Texas in 1993. Early on, Rhett developed a trademark hammer-on style that allows him to play two guitars at once by fingering each of their fret boards, coaxing filigreed harmonies and shimmering melodies without needing to strum.

Though Rhett is most well known for playing two guitars at once, don't make the mistake of trying to classify him as a gimmick performer or a one trick pony. In fact Rhett regularly features five or six different guitars during his performances.

Rhett has performed with Al DiMeola, Eric Johnson, Joe Satriani, Larry Corryell, Tony Trischka and many other legends of instrumental music. He is among the next generation of Texas guitar heroes.

w a t c h   v i d e o :


g e n r e :
  Jazz Fusion

m e m b e r s :
Rhett Butler (guitar, guitar)

i n f l u e n c e s :
  Eddie Van Halen, Billy Mclaughlin, Pat Methney, Stanley Jordan, Eric Johnson

h o m e b a s e :
  Dallas, TX

a u d i o   s a m p l e s :
  1. Rhett Butler - The Ceile'.mp3
  2. Rhett Butler - The Pattern is Full.mp3
  3. Rhett Butler - Solitaire.mp3
  4. Rhett Butler - The Physics of Acoustics.mp3
  5. Rhett Butler - The Girl.mp3

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r e v i e w s :

  Anyone slipping in early for Tony Trischka?s master banjo class at the Cactus Cafe in August would?ve first heard the sound of their jaw hitting the floor for opening guitar duet Rhett Butler. Eric Johnson, for whom the Dallas picker opened most recently at the Cactus, endorses Butler with: "I?ve never heard anyone get the sounds out of [two guitars at once] like Rhett does." From Scott Joplin to Queen, Butler?s ambidextrous doublenecking also goes electric, so Sixth Street?s Hard Rock Cafe needn?t worry about the clamor of dropping jaws.
~ Raoul Hernandez
The Austin Chronicle

?Rhett Butler?s playing style has captured local and national attention. He puts heart, soul and both hands into his art.?
~ The Dallas Morning News

- Rhett Butler began his musical journey with a unique conception of what the guitar could be. As a teenager, Rhett was mystified by the solo playing of Eddie Van Halen. He knew at an early age that his career would be defined by how far he could push the limits of the guitar.

- Rhett went on to study in the prestigious jazz program at the University of North Texas all the time bucking the idea that the guitar is an accompaniment instrument. For Rhett Butler, the guitar is the entire performance.

- After graduating in 1997, Rhett set off to make his mark on the guitar world one coffee shop at a time.

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