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Lone Star Pipe Band

The Lone Star Bagpipe Band, formed in 1987, performs traditional Scottish & Irish music on the highland bagpipes and drums. The band is comprised of seven bagpipers, two drummers, and around 10 students. They have played at weddings, funerals, parties, public events, and other engagements. If you are interested in learning the bagpipes or drums, or just honing your existing musical skills, you are invited to join the group. You do not have to have any previous musical experience nor do you have to be Scottish, anyone is welcome. The group meets every Monday night at 7pm at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church at 4090 Deleware Street in Beaumont. For booking and information on joining, please call (409) 658-4147.

w a t c h   v i d e o :


g e n r e :
  Bagpipe & Drum

m e m b e r s :
Jeff Courts (Pipe Major; tin whistle, vocals)
Brian Shajari (Pipe Sergeant; didgeridoo)
James Dean (bagpipes)
Jim McLaughlin (bagpipes)
David Rutledge (bagpipes)
John Scott (bagpipes)
Eric Ellison (bagpipes, bugle)
Peter Powers (tenor drum, Irish drum)
Chris Bordelon (snare drum, djembe)
Shannon Meaux (snare drum)
Jeanne Riley (tenor drum)
Robert Smith (snare drum, bass drum)
Kyle Bauer (bass drum)

Piper: Ronnie Snook
Piper: Joshua MacDonald

h o m e b a s e :
  Beaumont, TX

p r o m o   p h o t o :
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p h o n e :
  409 658 4147

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